Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Popcorn for Pony Tails

I remember when Madison, almost 7, was an infant and I was learning to comb her hair. She had so much hair that I had little choice but to get started. I used to have my partner, Kim, hold her while I parted and combed, creating a headful of little pony tails. We then moved to the high chair where I could confine her while still having access to the entire head. When she became a toddler, we learned to turn on a movie and I would sit on the floor with Maddie in my lap. I will admit there were sometimes leg wrestling matches taking place on the floor, but all of this happened in the name of good hair.

Fast forward to 2009 and I am faced with a squirmy, tender headed, defiant 16 month old who does not like to have her hair combed. I tried the high chair and that didn't work. I tried having Kim hold her and that didn't work. I tried leg wrestling and that didn't work. How was I going to comb this child's hair?

POPCORN! The magic word is popcorn! Morgan will sit for as long as it takes to comb her hair so long as Kim is feeding her popcorn, which is much better than the dark chocolate M&M's we initially tried in a pinch. The peace has returned to the Valley of my home on Sunday nights. There is no more screaming, whining, or struggling. And Morgan does just fine too.

So for all you pink parents out there looking for the secret to styling your child's hair, look no further than your pantry and give ole Orville Redenbacher a try!


  1. Any plans to update this blog again? I just found you, but it seems to be neglected. I'll keep it on my blogroll for a little bit just to see if you post anything new. Thanks!

  2. Amy,
    I just saw your book showcased on the Dave Thomas Foundation facebook wall. I have a blog where I talk about my transracially adopted family as well. I often have authors send in books and am currently working on reviews to post on the blog. I would love to do a review on my blog of your book if you wanted to mail me a copy! You can contact me at

  3. I've nominated your blog for a Liebster Award. See what this means on my blog:
    And thanks so much for sharing your story!